Community & Education

Pyramid Construction & Planting

Our second key objective has been to use GARP to engage the local community. 

We strongly felt that this project should belong to the island community and that Grenadians should be involved throughout the process. All materials have been sourced locally here on the island and the design, construction and installation of the artificial reef structure has been executed by local tradesmen and volunteers.

Education Outreach

GARP creates the ideal opportunity for youngsters to learn about the environmental issues we face whilst having fun at the beach. We have embraced the opportunity to host local school groups and actively participate in the summer Kid’s Camp programmes here in Grenada. 

Our beach-side information board has proven invaluable in capturing the attention and imagination of both residents and visitors to the island provoking awareness, conversation and future ideas. 

In 2021 we established an ongoing collaboration with the Department of Biology, Ecology and Conservation at St. George’s University, Grenada. GARP is proving to be an ideal location for marine research and has been the focus of several Capstone Honours Projects for BSc students in the faculty. 

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