The Grenada Artificial Reef Project (GARP) was created in 2013 by Dive Grenada

It is located directly off the famous Grand Anse Beach on the Caribbean Island of Grenada

In recent years we have seen a decline in the health of our local reefs due to the impact of climate change, storm damage and overfishing. Without intervention there is a potential that these natural wonders could be lost forever. Our objective was to create an alternative permanent environment for marine life to regenerate and to offset these damaging effects.

We used a novel approach to create a sustainable artificial reef system which is simple, inexpensive, and easily replicated. The artificial reef was created using thirty construction (cinder/breeze) blocks cemented together to form a pyramid. This allowed for maximum efficacy for marine life recruitment as well as being stable in shallow (10 ft. / 3 metres) waters. The reef was installed in a barren location directly off the beach.

Within months of installation, it became clear that the pyramids were naturally recruiting marine life extremely well. Each year more pyramids have been placed to create a natural reef corridor and expand GARP. Following more than ten years of work and survey assessment, GARP has a proven ‘proof of concept’ that works and could be used anywhere. By early 2021 a total of 25 pyramids had been installed.

Pyramids Planted by May 2023
Goal of 80 pyramids to be planted by end of 2023
Progress 61.25%
Species of Fish around Pyramids
Species of Corals on Pyramids

Dive Grenada funded the early project. In 2021, the ‘buy a pyramid’ sponsorship scheme was established by GARP to facilitate a more rapid scaling up and development of the project. A GoFundMe campaign has helped with smaller contributions which can be made online. 

2023 sees the launch of a new collaboration with Clean Reefs. A Non-Profit Organisation who are a strong advocate of the ocean and marine life. By the end of 2023 we will have installed a total of 80 pyramids with their additional funding. 

To sponsor a pyramid please contact: [email protected]